Beijing Auto Show Preview: Greatwall Haval SC60

Published on April 18, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

First a correction of an error made by me: when we learned that Greatwall was launching ‘Hover’ as a seperate brand we assumed they would use their normal English translation of 哈弗, Hafu, translated by Greatwall as ‘Hover’.

They didn’t. Instead Greatwall made it ‘Haval’, in Chinese still the same 哈弗, Hafu. The English name ‘Hover’ is now likely to dissapear. Sorry for any confusion. Greatwall-Haval, the name doesn’t sound too well, will bring a bunch of new suv’s to the Beijing Auto Show. This big SC60 is one of them, it comes as a prototype and so far the engine is unknown.

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