Beijing Auto Show Live: Haima Travel RV

Published on April 26, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

Haima brought a small caravan to the show which they called ‘Travel RV’, rv meaning ‘recreational vehicle’. Haima used to be a joint venture between Hainan Automobile and Mazda. When tje Japanese went out Hainan Automobile continued to use the Haima name. They changed the logo a bit and rolled out mostly Mazda-inspired cars ’cause Haima also kept the factory and production lines. Lately Haima’s designs are moving away from Mazda and this funny Travel RV is one new. It will be on sale but nobody on the boot knew when.

The Travel RV has aircon.

Inside one big bed, some sofa’s and storage spaces. Haima put some magazines on the table so it looked like one really lived there.

Clean folks, they wash their hands after cooking. An electrical cookthing on the rights, my girlfriend alsways says one can’t cook Chinese food on an electrical cookthing.

The Travel RV should be pulled by the Sports RV, a mianbaoche based on Haima’s F-Star. It has a 1.0 litre four-cilinder with 45kw and 85nm, the F-Start costs around 50.000 rmb.

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  1. joven r visperas- October 14, 2011 Reply

    its very nice is it in the market?????????

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