SAIC-Maxus V80 rolls of the Line in China

Published on July 6, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

Party today at SAIC. The brandnew Maxus V80 MPV started rolling of the line. SAIC will also see a panel van version but this seven-seat MPV with some luxury is first, customers will be mostly taxi companies. Price will start at 148.000 yuan and go all the way up to 228.000 yuan. We saw the V80 earlier in all its glory at an exhibition in Beijing. The V80 will be listed soon.

SAIC bought Maxus from bankrupt British LDV and set up production in China. SAIC will sell the original Maxus vans as well but this MPV is a more luxurious machine with a fine interior. In Chinese the brand is called Da Tong (大通).

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