Home-made mini Jeep from China

Published on January 19, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Home-made mini Jeep from China

Downsizing is the magic word these days. Smaller cars with smaller engines, the horror! One crazy fool however agreed and made himself a mini-Jeep, seen here on a parking lot in the great ‘n windy city of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia province.

Home-made mini Jeep from China

It seems big enough for two persons, one up front and one in the back. It is probably based on some small farming vehicle. Engine likely from a motorcycle. No License-plates but it does have a correct spare tire. Must have been a lotta work to make. Details are all very good, without the roof it would look just like a Willys.

Home-made mini Jeep from China

Go ahead, the locals are laughing too.

Via: Autohome.


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  1. Marc Sim- March 4, 2012 Reply

    some craftmanship, don’t u think? Fix some minor details and I certainly would like to acquire one for my model Jeep collection!

  2. adrian- September 17, 2013 Reply

    This is just a childs jeep with a homemade roof 😛 you can buy these “mini army jeeps” on ebay

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