Another brilliant invention from China: the motorbike-three-wheel-thing

Published on May 10, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Chinese invention

Another very brilliant home-made invention from China. A mere motorbike was not enough for this great man, and so wasn’t a three-wheeler. He wanted a motorbike-three-wheeler with the steering up front so he could drive it like a kinda car. He didn’t dream too long and just made it! We applause… Sadly we got only one pic now, hopefully more soon later. Via: Tiexue.

3 thoughts on “Another brilliant invention from China: the motorbike-three-wheel-thing

  1. And it can be a three passenger vehicle too… one driving, and two on the motorcycle seat! wonder how the steering is designed.

  2. @Derek
    lol…Never thought of that! Then it should be a 6seater, given that a motorbike can seat 5 in China.

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