Chinese fishermen catch a Porsche Cayenne

Published on December 13, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Chinese fishermen catch a Porsche Cayenne

Chinese fishermen caught a Porsche Cayenne instead of fish while fishing off the coast of the great beach-city of Beihai in Guangxi Province. The fishermen sold the vehicle to a local garage for a mere 4000 yuan, or 640 USD. Chinese state media say it is “unknown” how the expensive Porsche ended up on the bottom of the sea. Well, we can’t say for sure either but we got an idea…

Chinese fishermen catch a Porsche Cayenne

The area around Beihai is famous for smuggling expensive goods into China to avoid to extremely high import taxes. The goods, mostly cars but also many other luxury goods, come from Hong Kong, Macau or Vietnam, and are transported by sea to a silent stretch of Chinese coast. It is mostly very small-scale stuff, one tiny smuggling ship with a single car on its deck. The Chinese government sure knows about the smuggling so the coast guard is on alert. The smugglers of the Porsche Cayenne likely got scared of a patrol boat coming too close and dumped the vehicle in the sea.

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