Opel Adam will be a Buick in China

Published on February 24, 2014 by W.E. Ning

Opel Adam will be a Buick in China

The Opel Adam will be rebadged as Buick for the China car market, launch is expected for 2015. General Motors wants the Adam in China to compete with the successful Fiat 500. The ‘Buick Adam’ will be imported into China but local production is very well possible further in the future. Price is yet unknown but the Fiat 500 does 169.800 yuan to 268.800 yuan, so price of the Adam will likely sit in the same range. Engines: 1.2 petrol with 69hp and 1.4 petrol with 100hp.

The Buick Adam will be the first high-end city car for GM in China. So far GM has focused entirely on cheap city cars. However, recent success of Fiat and Smart has shown there is a large market for hip and high-quality city cars that are bought by hip and reasonably-rich city folk who want to show off their wealth and hipness but don’t want a large car, and definitely no sedan like their parents have.

7 thoughts on “Opel Adam will be a Buick in China

  1. What a mess GM is in with its brands.

    Opel is also sold in China, and in many other countries outside of Europe.

    GM should either have Opel as a worldwide premium German marque, rebrand it as Buick or sell it.

    The current situation is a mess and consumers will quickly see through badge engineering which will damage Buick and Opel.

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