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CarNewsChina.com, formerly TheTycho.com, is based in Beijing and aims to tell the world about the Chinese Automotive Industry. That we do with articles about new cars, spy shots, the industry, politics and much more.


Tycho de Feijter. Came to Beijing in 2003 and decided to stay, for ever. Knows all about everything cars in China, specializes in Chinese home-grown brands, car culture and the history of Chinese cars. Email. Articles.

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Joey Wang. Has been writing about Chinese cars since he was born. Specializes in industry news, loves sales numbers, and understands more than anyone about the workings on the Chinese government concerning cars. Email. Articles.

W.E. Ning. A true all-rounder. always keeps one eye on the latest cars arriving on the Chinese market. The other eye does everything else. Specialized in ‘foreign’ brands on the Chinese market. Email. Articles.

The homepage has it all but for easy access the news is divided by categories:

China Car Culture: how people get along with their cars in China, the good ways and the bad.

China Car History: China started making cars in the early ’50’s and a lot happened between then and today. This history however is still largely unknown, we hope to change that at least a bit.

China Concept Cars: from brilliant ideas to complete madness, all the concept cars from auto shows in China, so you can see where it is going…

Green News: there is no way around is, green is the future, but the future ain’t there yet. China is looking for a green solution but sales of hybrids and EV’s are disappointing. All news on new green cars and green policies.

Industry News: the numbers on sales, news on joint ventures, investments, take overs, strikes, and most important in China: politics.

New Cars from China: the latest cars to hit the market; pics and specs.

Spotted in China: all kind of vehicles seen on China’s streets. From strange three-wheel electric cars to hyperfast supercars.

Spy Shots: the very first pictures of new Chinese cars.

Brands: the biggest category of all with sub-categories for every brand in China. It ain’t so far yet but this baby is growing every day. The ‘brands’ will of course overlap with the subject-orientated categories mentioned above.

The car in the header is a tin model of a Hongqi CA770.

That’s it for now, enjoy.

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  1. Anthony Boddy- August 24, 2014 Reply

    Hi – I like your website! Your research is excellent. I visited the Shanghai Tesla Service Centre at Lianhua Road Minhang District recently. It was open for business and I saw dozens of new unregistered Teslas stored ouside in the car park, waiting for buyers. I can email some pictures to you if you want. Best wishes from Anthony in Sydney Australia.

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