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An extremely beautiful Rolls-Royce Silver Spur sedan, Spotted in China on the Beijing Tuning Street by Reader & Serial Spotter Navigator 84, thank you for the pictures! The vehicle stands on the parking lot of the Sport Car Club (SCC) Service Center, where the wealthy take their vehicles for an oil change or a new set of tires. To the left of the Roller a massive Bentley Azure Mark 1 Mulliner.


The Silver Spur is the long-wheelbase version of the Silver Spirit, and then there was the super stretched Silver Spur III Mulliner Park Ward Limousine. The Silver Spirit was manufactured from 1990 until 1999. This particular beauty is a ‘New Silver Spur’, also known as the Mark IV, which mas made from 1995 until the end in 1999. The vehicle is in a superb shape, just completely perfect until the curtains behind the side and rear windows. The New Silver Spur is powered by a 6.75 liter Rolls-Royce V8 with about 275hp.


The Liaoning province license plate is likely a fake. Eight is a lucky number in China and five eights is just too good to be true. I was in this same area a few weeks back and this Roller was inside the maintenance hall. It was not allowed to take pictures but a mechanic told me the car belonged to a coal baron from Shanxi Province. Let’s hope she doesn’t get too dusty out there!

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Range Rover Sport is the Army in China Wed, 20 Aug 2014 04:43:21 +0000 Range Rover Sport is the Army in China

A very cool Range Rover Sport, Spotted in China in the great city of Shanghai by Reader Antoine Chalendard, thank you for the pictures! The sporty SUV is wrapped in an army-camouflage wrap, and further ranged up with darkened windows and matte gray multispoke alloys.


The wrap appears to be of reasonable quality and neatly covers the front bumper and the top of the mirrors. The door handles however are in matte black, and a large part of the rear is left in the original green, making for an interesting combination of colors.


The Sport was wrapped by Camari Automobile, a hip company from the great city of Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province, and they have this very car on their website, and check out this old Cadillac!


The Range Rover Sport is a popular SUV in China. Price starts at 1.04 million and ends at 1.81 million yuan. Sadly, we don’t see many modified examples, the only other one we have is a white Hamann in Beijing.


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Rolls-Royce Phantom hits a Field in China Wed, 20 Aug 2014 04:15:13 +0000 Rolls-Royce Phantom hits a Field in China

A nasty crash with a Rolls-Royce Phantom in China. The limousine ended up in a farmer’s field in a rural area near the great city of Dongyang in Zhejiang Province. The driver apparently lost control of the Roller in heavy rain on a crappy two-lane road, and somehow rolled over. The farmer will come up with a heavy claim…


I have never seen the bottom of a Phantom. Very impressive, almost completely enclosed. The Rolls-Royce belongs to the owner of a locally-famous company called ‘Zhejiang Huayang’ (web), selling all sorts of mats for in gardens and on beaches. It is unknown who was driving the vehicle, but he or she was reportedly unhurt.


The villagers managed to get a crane down field, and up she went.


The left side of the body seems heavily damaged. Windscreen is broken. A new Phantom goes for 6.8 million yuan ($ 1.1 million) and repairs are famously expensive.


Most exciting day of the year for the villagers.


A Rolls full with rice.

Photos via.

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Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GA5 R-EV will hit the Chinese car market in 2015 Wed, 20 Aug 2014 03:08:10 +0000 Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GA5 R-EV will hit the Chinese car market in 2015

This is the new Guangzhou Auto Trumpchi GA5 R-EV, a range-extender EV based on the base Trumpchi GA5 sedan. The GA 5 R-EV will be launched on the Chinese car market in 2015, price is expected to start somewhere around 250.000 yuan without subsidies.


The range extender is a 1.0 liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with a yet unknown output. The electric motor has an output of 56hp. Top speed is 130km/h. Fuel consumption is sub-officially claimed at “less than” three liters per 100 kilometer.

More and more Chinese auto makers are turning to hybrids and ignoring full electric. Chinese car buyers are finally, but still slowly, warming up to hybrids, thanks mostly to rising fuel prices.

In 2011 Guangzhou Auto showed a full-electric Trumpchi GA5 concept but the project has been cancelled. Guangzhou Auto has also been working on a more traditional hybrid GA5 based around a 1.8  petrol. The status of that project is unclear, but it will likely be cancelled as well.

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Spy Shots: Dongfeng Fengshen L60 for the Chinese car market Wed, 20 Aug 2014 02:01:17 +0000 Spy Shots: Dongfeng Fengshen L60 for the Chinese car market

Spy Shots of the production version of the Dongfeng Fengshen L60 sedan, posing pretty and willingly at the Dongfeng factory. The Fengshen L60 debuted as a concept on the 2014 Beijing Auto Show, the production version will be launched on the Chinese auto market in March 2015. Price will range from 120.000 to 150.000 yuan.


The Dongfeng L60 is based on the outgoing Peugeot 408 sedan that is made in China by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture. Price starts at 126.000 yuan and ends at 176.000 yuan. Engines: 92hp 1.6 and a 147hp 2.0 petrol. The 408 will soon be replaced by the new 408.


The L60 will be powered by the same 1.6 and 2.0 engines. Dongfeng is working on its own 1.4 turbo that will become available in the L60 sometime late next year.


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BYD G5 sedan will hit the Chinese car market in September Wed, 20 Aug 2014 01:14:29 +0000 byd-g5-china-1

The brand new BYD G5 sedan will be launched on the Chinese car market in September. Price will start around 100.000 yuan and end around 130.000 yuan. The BYD G5 debuted in April on the 2014 Beijing Auto Show.


The BYD G5 is a new addition to the BYD line-up, it will be positioned between the BYD F3 and the BYD G6. Power will come from a 1.5 turbo four cylinder petrol engine with 154hp and 240nm, mated to a six-speed DSG.

A hybrid variant will become available in 2015. The hybrid drivetrain consists of the 1.5 liter turbo and a 149hp/200nm  electric motor with 149hp and 200nm, good for a combined output is  303hp and 440nm. Price for the hybrid will start around 150.000 yuan.


The G5 is equipped with a new infotainment system called ‘CarPad’. Users can surf the interwebs, check microblogs such as Weibo (very important in China), find their way, watch movies, and listen to music played from the on-board flash drive. CarPad runs on Google Android.

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Audi A4 is copper brown green in China Wed, 20 Aug 2014 00:57:05 +0000 Audi A4 is copper brown green in China

A very flashy Audi A4 sedan, Spotted in China on the Beijing Tuning Street. The good Audi is wrapped in an incredible copper brown green wrap, and is further sexed up by a subtle body kit, extra shiny chrome around the grille, extra shiny chrome around the windows, darkened windows, chromed mirrors, and super wide tires with racy five-spoke alloys.


The wrap changed color depending on direction and position of the eye. Very fuzzy. I tried all kinda different places, spending some serious time down there. The sides appear brown here and the bonnet and back green, and the rest of the body seems copper.


That is pure copper again.

The third generation B7 Audi A4 was manufactured from 2004 until 2008, it was made in China by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture and was succeeded by the long-wheelbase Audi A4L in 2009. The A4 was and is a very popular sedan in country.

Time now for our Famous China-Audi A4L Collection™: license (4L888), double matte Pink license, matte blue green, license (4Q888), yellow, dragon, asshole, B7 in pink, lime green, baby blue, pink lowrider, red, pink, orange&black, matte-purple, polizei and fake.


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Spotted in China: Hyundai Equus JS 350 Wed, 20 Aug 2014 00:40:20 +0000 Spotted in China: Hyundai Equus JS 350

A beautiful black Hyundai Equus JS350, Spotted in China just outside the Third Ring Road in east Beijing. The big Equus looked as good as new but was sadly missing the hood ornament. Which criminal element took care of that..?


The first generation LZ Hyundai Equus was manufactured from 1999 until 2009, competing head to head with the SsangYong Chairman series. Design of the Equus was outsourced to Mitsubishi Motors of Japan, who had their own version called the Proudia.


The Hyundai Equus was available with various engines, including a 3.0 V6, a 3.5 V6, a 3.8 V6, and a fatass 280hp 4.5 liter V8. Only transmission was a five speed automatic, sending power to the front wheels. No rear wheel drive on the Equus! This Beijing car has the 3.5 V6 under the bonnet.


The special Equus logo. The first generation Hyundai Equus was officially exported to China but sales were slow. So far we only met one other example; an Equus Limousine in Shanghai.


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Spotted in China: Buick Sail sedan goes Sporty Tue, 19 Aug 2014 15:31:52 +0000 Spotted in China: Buick Sail sedan goes Sporty

A very fuzzy Buick Sail sedan, Spotted in China in the Sanlitun embassy district in Beijing. The good Sail has been sexed up to the max by a carbon-fiber wrapped bonnet, black painted A-B-C pillars, black painted window frames, black doorhandles, and a huge wing on the back. This is a Sail we like!


A bloody electric scooter ruining my photo! Man on the back is wearing white socks in black shoes with black trousers.


The fake-wood trim is original, yes it really is! BMW logo on the steering wheel however, is not.


Original wheel covers.


Black door handle indicates an eye for detail. Sorry about the weird-logo thing, it is a defensive measure, as we are being cloned.


Check that wing! The first generation Buick Sail was manufactured by the Shanghai-GM joint venture from 2001 until 2004. In 2005 it was renamed Chevrolet Sail and production continued until 2009. The Sail was available as sedan and as the Sail S-RV wagon. A subsidiary of Shanghai Auto produced the Saibao panel van.  The Sail, in all its variants, was based on the 1993-2000 Opel Corsa B. The Sail, in all its variants, was available with three Opel four-cylinder petrol engines: 1.2, 1.4, or 1.6, all mated to a five-speed manual.


In those days the name of the joint venture was written in English. That is forbidden now by the Chinese government, so these days the brand names are always in Chinese characters.


The beautiful 1990′s Buick logo.


May this sporty Sail sail the endless Beijing roads for a long time coming. Sail safe, my Sail.

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We have been Cloned! Tue, 19 Aug 2014 14:43:44 +0000 is Stealing Content has been cloned by a Russian website called We have nothing to do with this website. They are systematically stealing our content including the history articles and the spots. They have no permission to copy-paste our content. They do not link back to our site. Up to today they stole at least 100 articles. And look what they did to our watermark, which we add to all our pictures to stop the stealing. Check this sh*t:


Just pathetic.

We have asked our Russian ‘colleagues’ to stop their unfair practices. They admitted they copied our content and said they would add links, but that hasn’t happened so far.

They do nothing else but copy-pasting our hard work. This is a incredible sleazy and lazy way to make a few ruble. We have been building this website for four long years and it is finally getting somewhere. Other websites copy our content every day, that is not nice but it is the internet, but none goes as far as the stealing-content website, stealing everything.

All their content is our content!

The situation reminds us of a problem we had with CarBuzz in 2012. They have since changed their ways for the better. Let’s hope that happens again this time, some time.

So I will ask once more, and I know they will read this:, stop stealing our content, create your own website, and be good.


They have added link-backs in two articles (example), directing to our homepage, looking like this:


That orange strike-trough thingy is the link. Well thanks then!

Update 2:

The are adding more stolen content articles without any link as I write these very words. We have decided to inform their advertisers, and then much more.

If you, dear reader, want to help us, please leave a kind message on their contact form (scroll down a bit).

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