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The new seventh generation (LF) Hyundai Sonata will be manufactured in China starting in November. The new Sonata will then officially debut on the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2015 and launch on the Chinese car market in March 2015.

The Sonata will be produced by the Beijing-Hyundai joint venture that also make the current sixth generation Sonata, the fifth generation, and the fourth generation Sonata (!). China indeed has three Sonatas. The coming of the new LF will likely mean the end for the fourth generation, which has been built since 2002.

The new Hyundai Sonata will be powered by a 2.4 liter four-cylinder with 168hp and 201nm, or by a 2.0 turbo with 200hp and 252nm. Price is expected to start around 150.000 yuan.

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October Holiday Tue, 30 Sep 2014 07:02:40 +0000 October Holiday

Hello Readers,

China celebrates its 65th birthday from 1 to 7 October with the traditional October Holiday. The whole country will be out and on the road visiting famous places and family and friends. We will stay around in Beijing, eating too much fat food and drinking too much cheap beer. Car sales always top during holidays in China but news is usually slow. We will back in full force next Tuesday.

See you all soon!


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Spotted in China: first generation Ford Windstar LX Tue, 30 Sep 2014 06:24:16 +0000 Spotted in China: first generation Ford Windstar LX

A wondrous white Ford Windstar LX, Spotted in China in the Fangzhuang Residential Area in Beijing. The good Ford was in reasonably good shape. Some panel gaps had widened up a tad too much but the paint was all right, no rust in sight, and all parts were in place. The Windstar however, was in  dire need of a good clean-up inside and out.


Original roof rack and alloys.

The first generation Ford Windstar was manufactured from 1994 until 1998 with a late facelift in 1997, this is a pre-facelifted car. The Windstar was a three-door van with a sliding door on the right. The LX trim level was the highest bar for the limited Limited. The Windstar LX was powered by the Ford ‘Vulcan’ 3.0 V6 petrol engine with an output of 150 hp and 260nm, mated to a four-speed automatic sending power to the front wheels.

The Ford Windstar was not officially exported to China but they were actually quite common in the 1990’s, I suspect that the Windstar was part of a murky China-U.S. trade deal similar to the one that brought us the Tempo.


Wind star in Windstar badge. A little hipness on an otherwise not overly exciting car. Shandong Province license plates.

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Spotted in China: first generation Audi A6 Tue, 30 Sep 2014 05:50:47 +0000 Spotted in China: first generation Audi A6

A beautiful black first generation Audi A6  sedan, Spotted in China in the Fangzhuang Residential Area in Beijing. The good Audi was in a surprisingly good shape; well maintained, with a clean body, no rust, and no missing parts, but in dire need of a good clean-up inside and out.


The owner is a heavy smoker. Original leather slightly worn but perfectly fixable. Steering wheel cover and gear lever knob are after market. Radio-CD system original. Triple air vent in the center console still very cool.

The first generation ‘C4′ Audi A6 was manufactured from 1994 until 1997 in Germany and continued in China from 1998 all the way until 2003. This particular car is a German-built example imported into China in period.


The C4 A6 was basically a C4 Audi 100 with a new name and a few minor improvements, including new front and rear lights, new radiator grille, and new wheel covers. Mechanically all remained the same. This particular car is powered by a 2.6 liter V6 petrol engine with an output of 148hp, mated to a five-speed manual.


Still a sleek looking sedan, especially in black. Sadly, new environmental regulations make it harder every year to keep these cars on the road in the Capital, so many end up in the countryside, abused by ignorant farmers and shitted on by goats and other stinking creatures.  Let up hope this great Audi stays safe somehow.

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Spy Shots: China-made Range Rover Evoque is Almost Ready for the Chinese car market Tue, 30 Sep 2014 03:06:51 +0000 Spy Shots: China-made Range Rover Evoque is Almost Ready for the Chinese car market

New spy shots of the China-made Range Rover Evoque, looking almost ready for the Chinese car market. Production officially started back in May and the Evoque will debut on the Guangzhou Auto Show in November and launch on the Chinese auto market just before the end of the year.


The Evoque is manufactured by the Chery-JLR (Jaguar – Land Rover) joint venture, in a new factory in the city of Changshu in Jiangsu Province. Construction of the factory started in late 2012. The factory will only make the five-door variant of the Evoque, but the three-door variant will remain available as an import. The factory will also make the Land Rover Freelander and a stretched variant of the Jaguar XF.

The Evoque will be powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 237hp. Price will start around 400.000 yuan and end around 550.000 yuan.

That is much cheaper than an import but still a lot more money than Landwind will charge for its own interpretation of the trendy Evoque.

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Spotted in China: Lamborghini Gallardo in shiny blue with tron stripes Tue, 30 Sep 2014 02:25:28 +0000 Spotted in China: Lamborghini Gallardo in shiny blue with tron stripes

A super speedy Lamborghini Gallardo supercar, Spotted in China in the great city of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province by Reader Lao Wei, thank you for the pictures! The lunatic Lamborghini is wrapped in an eye killing shiny blue wrap, and sexed up to the max by a web of yellow tron stripes.


Tron stripes are fluorescent sticker stripes designed to glow in the dark for a psychotic effect, but look pretty spacy at day time as well. The black five-spoke alloys will be invisible at night, which will again enhance the tron effect. Great work done here, check especially the perfectly aligned double lining around the wheel arches.


When new the base Gallardo went for 4.3 million yuan or 690.000 USD, wrap and stripes of this quality will do another 2000 USD or similar. Flashy car will flash flash flash!

Time now, for  our Extremely Famous® China-Lamborghini Gallardo Collection™: crash, matte purple blue, crash, crash, Super Trofeo, mint green, baby blue, matte purple and shiny green, with FF, crash, galaxy, baby blue, with hottie, crash, Sesto Elemento R/C, orange, yellow, crash, orange with Mac, tree-crash, matte black, license platepink, Balboni, LP550-2 GZ8 Edizione Limitata, shiny green, chrome, Reventon, crash, GZ8 Edizione Limitata, shiny-blue, matte-black & orange, water melon, red wheelsHK20, pink, matte-black, gold, pink, another pink, lime-green, in gold, one purple, another purple, Gold Edition, and a Spyder Performante.

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Spotted in China: Bentley Continental GT Wald Black Bison Edition Tue, 30 Sep 2014 01:54:49 +0000 Spotted in China: Bentley Continental GT Wald Black Bison Edition

A beautiful blue Bentley Continental GT Wald Black Bison Edition, Spotted in China in the great city of Chengdu by TFCSC. The Black Bison Edition a mad monster car based on the Bentley Continental GT, modified by the mad Japanese tuner Wald International.


The Black Bison Edition comes with a full body kit, side steps, modified bumpers, extra air vents, a trunk spoiler, lowered suspension, super fat exhaust pipes, and an extra large grille. The shiny green detailing on this particular car is likely an additional addition by the owner, it is not a part of the Black Bison package.


This Chengdu example is fitted with an all-red interior. Wald doesn’t change much inside for the base Black Bison, except for… new floor mats. But of course buyers can spec whatever they want, and Wald will build it, for a lotta money. Wald officially opened its doors in China last year but sales are yet slow. Before that some cars arrived via the gray market. We only have: S65 AMG Black Bison, and a C63 AMG Black Bison.


Green spoiler parts are hip.

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MG GT is Ready for the Chinese car market Tue, 30 Sep 2014 01:12:33 +0000 MG GT is Ready for the Chinese car market

This is the new MG GT, looking completely ready for its launch on the Chinese car market on November 1. Price will start around 120.000 yuan and end around 150.000 yuan. The MG GT officially debuted in a box on the 2014 Chengdu Auto Show.




The MG GT looks like a fastback but is in fact a sporty sedan, based on the same platform as the MG5 hatchback and the Roewe 350 sedan. At launch the MG Gt will only be available with a new GM-sourced 1.4 turbo with 156hp and 235nm, mated to a equally new seven-speed DCT. In 2015 the well-known and much-cheaper 109hp 1.5 and 129hp 1.5 turbo will join the line-up. The MG GT will be exported to the U.K. starting in Q1, but only with the 1.4 turbo under the bonnet. No word yet about a diesel.

Size: 612mm/1804mm/1488mm, wheelbase is 2650.


Rear light defines rear. Exhaust pipes are hidden on the right side of the black bumper.


The MG GT, from China.


Small grille makes for an angry look.

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Spy Shots: Beijing Auto B70 seen testing in China Mon, 29 Sep 2014 07:35:48 +0000 Spy Shots: Beijing Auto B70 seen testing in China

New spy shots showing the Beijing Auto B70 testing in China. The Beijing Auto B70 is the four-door variant of the Beijing Auto BJ40.

The B70 debuted as a concept on the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, and the last time we saw it was on the 2012 Beijing Auto Show where it was called ‘B70V’. New reports in Chinese automotive media indicate Beijing Auto will ditch the B70 name tag altogether and go instead for ‘B40 4-door’.


The B70 concept.


The B70, or what it will be called, will be powered by the same engine as the B40; a 2.4 liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 143hp and 217nm, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission sending power to all four wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission. Price will start around 170.000 yuan and end around 210.000 yuan. Launch on the Chinese car market is expected for Q2 2015.


B70 concept. Only the alloys differ, and only slightly.

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Transporting helium filled balloons, the Chinese Way, Part 3 Mon, 29 Sep 2014 07:09:55 +0000 Transporting helium filled balloons, the Chinese Way, Part 3

An electric tricycle transporting a flock of about one hundred helium filled balloons, Spotted in China near the Flower Market near the eastern section of the Third Ring Road in east Beijing. The balloons were dancing dangerously wild in the summer wind but the two men crew just chatted about like all was all right.


This kinda balloons go for about 10 yuan, offered for sale by street vendors near public parks, railway station, shopping malls, or any other busy place. The balloons come in zillions of different shapes, here we have: the sun, a brown bear, Hello Kitty (hello!), a Pink shark, a red bear, a blue bear, a shiny purple bear, SpongeBob SquarePants, and a purple heart ‘love love’.


The tricycle is a mid-size model here fitted with 3M reflective tape. This type of tricycle has a top speed of about 40 kilometers per hour and a range of about 50 kilometer. Power is some 10 horses and juice comes from a hardcore lead-acid battery pack. In Beijing they are used for transporting everything from farm animals to kindergarten students, from supermarket supply to public-toilet waste (don’t stay too close behind those!), and from other tricycles to helium-filled balloons.


Comrades enjoying the ride. The flock is tied up to the steering wheel. We like balloon transport in China, earlier on we met an invisible driver and an invisible head.

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