Beijing Auto Show Live: BAW 007 ain’t Secret Anymore

Published on April 24, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

BAW revealed the 007 medium-suv today at the Beijing Auto Show. The car is supposed to be ready for production but the one and only 007 on the stand certanly was not. Especially the interior showed it was far from a finished automobile. Still, BAW handed out a leaflet that describes the 007 as a car one can buy today. My guess is it will take a while before one really can.

See those backed out windows, they are black for a reason. See the panel gaps around the doors and bonnet. The following info is from the leaflet: size: 4595x1828x1804, wheelbase is 2600. Engine: 2.4 litre patrol, [email protected] and [email protected] Weight: 1655 for the 2wd and 1790 for the 4wd. No one could tell me the price but usually this kind of a vehicle will do around 100.000 for the base model.

BAW staff didn’t like me taking pictures of the interior, after me and one other photographer took some shots a staff member locked the doors. One by one.

Back into secrecy again it goes.

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