Volkswagen Multivan listed & priced in China

Published on January 11, 2012 by W.E. Ning

Volkswagen Multivan

The Volkswagen Multivan has been listed on the China car market as an import. Price starts at 438.000 yuan and ends at 568.000 yuan. Volkswagen is aiming at company-executives who need more space for their secretaries and at the airport-hotel limousine business.Lone engine is the 2.0 TSI with 204 hp. Looking at the somewhat ridiculous price, for a bloody van!, I don’t think Volkswagen will sell a lot of ‘m. Via: Sohu.com.

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  1. Frisker-123- January 11, 2012 Reply

    a multivan in europe is for construction companies or for ferrying the elderly to school. sure the chinese dont know that.

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