Smart Fortwo Dragon Edition gets a Price in China

Published on May 2, 2012 by W.E. Ning

Smart Fourtwo Dragon Edition China

The plain weird Smart Fortwo Dragon Edition debuted last week at the Beijing Auto Show. It has now been officially launched on the China car market for 148.888 yuan. Eight is a lucky number. The price however has four eights, and four is a very unlucky number because it sound the same as the Chinese word for ‘dead’. So is this Dragon a lucky one or not? Chinese car buyers are extremely superstitious when it comes to number-games like this, especially when dragons are involved. Three 8’s would have been just fine…

Smart Fortwo Dragon Edition

The standard Fortwo starts at 115.000 yuan, so what do you get for the extra money? Rather cheap looking stickers depiction the character ‘Long’ (dragon) styled in an artyfarty way, a special red ‘n gold paint job, special gold-painted alloys, and a red ‘n gold theme in the interior. Worth da money? Well, considering it is not very limited, Smart will make 700, I would say no. But on the other side, a funny toy it is…

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  1. wouter- May 2, 2012 Reply

    lelijk…althans dat vinden de chinese collega’s hier šŸ™‚

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