The Bear will keep an Eye on the Rear

Published on July 19, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Hello Kitty Ford Fiesta China

Who needs a rear view mirror when a bunch of bears can keep an eye on things coming? It is all about having faith… Seen in Beijing behind the useless window of a Ford Fiesta sedan. Owner likely such a cute little Chinese girl, she likes Hello Kitty too:

Hello Kitty Ford Fiesta China

Good stickers, never heard of ‘princess’ Kitty however. The little Japanese cat is very popular in China for automotive decoration. Earlier on we met a Kitty Mini, a Kitty Smart, a Kitty Passat, a Kitty BMW, a Kitty F0 and a Kitty Xiali (scroll down all da way).

Hello Kitty Ford Fiesta China

Flowers finish an already incredible job. Good car, and free for all to hit.

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