Ford Raptor police car from China

Published on May 17, 2013 by Tycho de Feijter

Ford Raptor police car from China

A Ford Raptor police car, seen on the Cipate police equipment exhibition in Beijing. The giant law enforcement vehicle is based on the speedy Reptor pickup truck, the conversion to police car is done by a Chinese company called ‘Haiqiao Industry’.


The vehicle is designed for long-range border patrol and long-range patrols in remote areas. It is basically an RV focused on police duties. It has a bed inside so a tired copper can take a rest. It comes with a cooking set and some comfortable red leisurely seats. But police is police, so there is a gun rack, giant search lights, police lights, a police speaker, and that dangerous looking black paint.


The Ford Raptor is not officially exported to China, but very popular among the newly-rich who pay up to a million yuan to get one via the gray market. Haiqiao Industry gets its Raptors the same way. They told me supply was no problem, they can order Raptors by the boatload from California.


Tent is included. Price for the whole package was a steep 1.3 million yuan, or 211.000 USD. For now only the government can buy it, but Haiqiao is considering a civilian variant.


Police lights on top, four search lights with a camera in the middle.


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