Shanghai Auto Show: Dongfeng EJ02 EV Concept

Published on April 23, 2011 by Tycho de Feijter

The Dongfeng EJ02 full electric minicar is officially still a concept but Dongfeng has serious plans to make it in the near future. This was also indicated by the fact that Dongfeng brought two EJ02′s, this greenish car and a more sporty black one.

The numbers: top speed: 80km/h. Range: 110 to 180 km. Weight: 850kg. Lenght: 2696, width: 1520. A true city car with only two seats and space for one shopping bag. No word yet on price.

About the looks, well, let me try: my wife would love it.

So you know where to plug it in. If you have a charger at home. If you can find a charger on the road. Both options stand at zero at this moment in China. Maybe a small patrol engine?

Note flames above the rear lights. The EJ02 runs like fire. On electricity. Small patrol engine?

Interior still needs some work, so to see.

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