Cadillac ATS will go stretched for China

Published on January 24, 2014 by Joey Wang

Cadillac ATS will go stretched for China

General Motors is working on a stretched variant of the Cadillac ATS for the Chinese car market. The Cadillac ATS is currently imported into China and having a difficult fight against the locally made & stretched Audi A4L, BMW 3Li, and Volvo S60L.


The stretched Cadillac ATS will be called ‘ATS-L’ and will be manufactured in China by the Shanghai-GM joint venture. Production will start early in the second half of this year. The ATS-L will be extended by 10 centimeters compared the the U.S. variant, making for a wheelbase of 2875mm.

The imported ATS is only available with a 2.0 turbo with 270hp. The China-made ATS-L will also be available with the 200hp 2.5 and the 320hp 3.6 V6. Price of the Chinese ATS-L will start around 275.000 yuan, and that is in line with the competition.

13 thoughts on “Cadillac ATS will go stretched for China

  1. Cadillac should consider selling this in the US..it looks better then the shorter ATS and could furthr reduce Cadillac’s entry level costs

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